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We provide end-to-end technology solutions and services that always adhere to globally recognized standards and latest technology trends.
Talent is our main asset. We create personalized professional development environments that will help you generate a relevant personal and professional experience and trajectory.
We work with medium or large Companies, public institutions and non-profit Organizations to solve business challenges, improve business processes, raise efficiency or reduce costs  joining technology and expert knowledge.
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Team Building
We combine remote work with in-office meetings to strengthen teams.
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We like to create activities and events to meet in more relaxed spaces, that make us get out of the routine and enjoy good times and laughter among colleagues.
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Stand Up Meetings
We generate meetings between the teams to improve communication, interaction and thus achieve new proposals and initiatives for the areas.
"Being on the Icalia Solutions team has allowed me to evolve towards the technological forefront and develop myself in new challenges such as Cloud and DevOps."
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Carlos C.
DevOps Consultant
"With Icalia Solutions I have been able to advance in system technologies and IT infrastructures, as well as to evolve by expanding my knowledge in the area of Cybersecurity&Networking. Together we move forward towards new technological challenges, connecting secure connection environments."
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Gabriel G.
Security and Networking Technician
"Working at Icalia Solutions has helped me to consolidate myself as a Java and Liferay developer. To adopt the role of Liferay team leader in my project. And also to be responsible for managing code merges and deployments to different environments including production. Quite a challenge".
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Jose Maria C.
Developer Team Leader